Charming and Idyllic: Top Neighbourhoods to Explore in Rome

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Heading to Rome?

Planning a customary trip to the Pantheon,Colosseum or Vatican? Book private tours of Rome for families crafted by the experts. They can help you plan the most exquisite Roman sojourn. Otherwise, you can also explore and admire the quaint neighbourhoods dotting the Eternal City. Vibrant and multi-faceted,these districts let you soak in a sliver of dolce vita lifestyle marrying delicious food and local culture. Taste real Rome by plunking down to these Roman neighbourhoods:


If you are seeking old-world charm, head to Monti. With its ochre-washed facades, narrow cobblestone walkways and resplendent piazzas, it is a gateway to another world. The location of Monti is superb. It is centrally located and pretty as a painting. Charming boutiques,provincial restaurants and intimate bars line the alleys of this enclave. In simple word, Monti resembles an idyllic little village teetering back in time. Don’t miss exploring Piazza della Madonna, La Casetta and Monti vintage market.



A typical Roman district where history runs deep! Located just below the Aventine Hill, this district ushers you in a time-warp. Its overlapping layers of history will keep you hooked into. Though the ancient rubbish dumb, a desolate slaughterhouse and a few creepy monuments can make you a bit sceptical, the gorgeous Protestant Cemetery and amazing street art scene will keep you going.


Also, Testaccio is famous for conventional trattorias and street food joints that serve an array of authentic Italian dishes. They are an absolute must-visit.

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